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QAFIE LMS is an Ingenuous, Comprehensive and Robust Learning Management System which not only simplifies the teaching and Leaning for users but also allows Smooth and Effective administration of information. LMS, which systematically records, processes and effectively manages essential learner and administrative data for accurate reporting. QAFIE LMS provides various learning tools on the platforms that are not only essential for learning but also enhances the learning experience.

Dynamic E-Learning Content with Incredible Study Courses

Course Management

Qafie LMS offers a platform to the universities and Businesses where students enjoy learning through videos, PDFs, documents, PPTs, and much more shared by tutors/administration. Advanced learning and growth are noticed when you use it. The system follows the international standards like SCORM and AICC.

Study, Evaluate, and Improve to show your Best Results

Assessment and Grading

Qafie uses tools such as assignments and quizzes to assess the performance of a student. Individualized Reporting helps tutors and administrators understand the improvement in a single individual student while the reports for groups help in understanding the performance of a class.

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Information at your Fingertips

Students receive all information and updates within a flick of the fingers. Qafie provides important data and key information on the dashboard. A calendar is provided to the Students, tutors, administrators where the updates on the upcoming events can be viewed. The LMS keeps you connected with the latest news and announcements on the activities that are going on.

Discuss and enhance your knowledge

Social Learning

The learning experience at Qafie is expanded by using Discussions tool where your doubts and queries are solved or one can gain knowledge about a topic easily with the tutor/ administration / student. A student can easily communicate using internal messaging system which helps them to stay focused where tutors and administration respond to the same.

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Qafie LMS allows universities and businesses to change the Theme of the LMS and also upload the logo of their own for uniqueness and making the students feel at home.

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