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E-learning @ Qafie

Learning is quite easy and simple at Qafie. The latest online study methodologies have helped the students and the businesses to complete the course effectively. New technologies have been integrated into for smooth and to-and-fro study.

  • Study Guide and Webinars

    Study Guide and Webinars

    Qafie LMS uses PDFs, videos, PPTs, and documents to train the students and businesses from the grass level to the highly advanced level for more in-depth knowledge.

  • News and Announcements

    News and Announcements

    Latest technology updates, business stories, and market trends are uploaded whereas announcements module informs regarding exams, assignments, etc.

  • Assessment


    Regular assessment through test, exams, and quizzes is done so that the students can evaluate their performance and improve accordingly.

  • Calender


    Latest upcoming events that are scheduled can be viewed in the calendar making the user aware of activities that are going to take place in the university or business market.

  • LTI(Learning Tools Integration)

    LTI(Learning Tools Integration)

    Qafie LMS is LTI supported which provides a standard way of establishing a rich learning experience with the purpose of connecting the LMS with external service tools.

  • Social Learning and Internal Messaging

    Social Learning and Internal Messaging

    User's doubts, queries, and problems can be solved instantly through discussion forums. Also, the internal messaging option allows to get solutions to problems and queries easily


Learning is not limited to people, place, work, and community. It has expanded and explored in all its directions. Our LMS system offers unique and some extraordinary LMS features which include Reporting. This is the only LMS feature which gives us the brief idea and statistics about working on each functionality.

  • Tracking


    The administration / tutor keeps a track of the student's activities throughout the course study along with the different reports to assess the student.

  • Performance


    A tutor / administration can check the performance and assess the students by the assessment report and inform the students to improve.

  • Logs


    Logs are maintained in the corporate version which monitors each employee's access time and helps the Management understand whether the system is helpful to their employees.


Training people in the right way is difficult as the learning option over the internet is increasing day-by-day. Simply providing the study material, and videos are not enough, but a systematic procedure is to be followed for giving quality learning platform. In order to achieve the goal, we have to put lots of efforts to provide some cutting-edge solutions in our system.

  • Role-Based Learning

    Role-Based Learning

    Special privileges and access control are offered to administration / tutor for easy and smooth working.

  • Organizational Branding

    Organizational Branding

    Qafie LMS allows changing the logo and theme color of the universities for uniqueness and standardization to showcase the brand to all the users.

  • Access Control System

    Access Control System

    Authenticated login for all the system users to prevent unauthorized access in the system.

Access Qafie LMS Easily

Qafie LMS, allows the users to access the system anytime, anywhere, and from any place. There is no device, place, and time bar in accessing the system. Moreover, administration / tutors get the full access to the system.

  • Cloud-Based Platform

    Cloud-Based Platform

    The system is authenticated and maintained well by the administration / tutor by providing the best learning platform to the students and businesses.

  • Mobile friendly

    Mobile friendly

    Qafie LMS is a mobile-friendly platform, where the user can access the system from any device.

  • Access Anytime and Anywhere

    Access Anytime and Anywhere

    Users can access the Qafie LMS at any time, any place convenient to the user.

Additional LMS Features

Qafie LMS provides some additional LMS features which makes it easier for the universities and colleges to manage it. It allows adding new modules and use the system in the language users know.

  • Customizable Modules

    Customizable Modules

    Our platform is highly customizable and easy such that it allows the developers to add their own personally designed and developed modules.

  • Multilingual


    A multilingual system that utilizes different language files, and allows the users to use the system in the language of their choice.

  • Guidance Tour

    Guidance Tour

    A walk-through to the LMS that reveals the step-by-step process of the system to the users.

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