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Qafie LMS is an LMS for students, tutors, universities, and businesses imparting knowledge through the latest online technologies and methods of learning to deliver the education easily. Qafie LMS helps all universities and its students to set up a good and a to-and-fro university learning environment. Whereas, for the businesses Qafie LMS provides a platform and advanced learning in skill development, personality development, and much more.


Qafie LMS is a product of Qafie, a fast growing Global Educational Consultancy which focuses on delivering Quality Education. Qafie has its offices in UK, UAE, and India. To deliver Quality Assured International Education, Qafie has a collaboration with the Educational stakeholders to achieve educational, social, and national goals. Services like Primary and Secondary School Education, Colleges and University Education, Local Governments, Ministries of Education, and also education to Business and Corporates is provided.

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