Education is one of the important armors that shields a nation from poverty and pangs of diluted thoughts and taboos. For some nations, educating its youth is no more than a piece of cake, whereas for some it could be a can of worms. Yes, we are talking about the underdeveloped and the developing nations who have to walk their way through poverty, illiteracy and many such disabilities that coats the economic growth of a nation.

An underdeveloped nation has to struggle to not only make both ends meet but also to provide the tools to make both ends meet. Higher education is one of the most sought after tool that is desired by many, but is made available only to a handful of people due to many reasons. The reasons could be lack of advancement in technology, lack of finance, lack of valuable teachers, oodles of expenses and much more.

Today let me walk you through the 6 prominent challenges that the underdeveloped nations are facing in the education sector, to be more precise – the higher education sector. Read on to find out about them.

1. Lack of finance
An underdeveloped nation has very little money to spare on education as it has to make various other ends meet with the amount of money they have. Higher education is expensive as compared to primary education and hence many prefer to skip due to high financial requirement.

2. Lack of valuable teachers
Teachers and professors are yet another important source that acts as the perfect bridge between students and their goals. They provide a helping hand in guiding them throughout their journey. When you lack these important resources, higher education in itself loses out on the opportunities that it could have laid out for the students. As these nations do not have enough funds to hire good teachers, many prefer to avoid the higher education journey.

3. Lack of proper transportation facility
Transportation facilities make the distance shorter and opportunities more fruitful. Underdeveloped nations face the dearth of proper transportation making it difficult for the students to fulfill their need for higher education. For many the distance from the house to the educational institute possess a major challenge.

4. Lack of technology
Technology also plays an important role in the higher education sector. There are many important subjects that demand the use of technical instruments such as a computer, projector, etc. for imparting education. The non-affordability of these technical equipment poses yet another challenge in the higher education sector.

5. Lack of proper infrastructure
A good infrastructure helps in accommodating all the enthusiastic minds who are craving for the right knowledge. A proper classroom, basic facilities such as washrooms, fans, benches, etc. are also necessary to make the process of imparting education easy. A nation that is putting in a lot of efforts to meet the basic needs finds it difficult to provide the apt infrastructure facilities, thus posing a major challenge in the education sector.

6. Lack of learning resources
Without proper resources or to be more specific learning materials, it becomes difficult to impart proper education. Underdeveloped nations sometimes cannot afford the right or the apt resources for making higher education easy and convenient.

Final Note:
Education can be defined as the crutches that the youth or rather the poor uses to wade through the battle of life and opportunities. Challenges and risks are always a part and parcel of the modern day success and growth. Instead of accepting the situation with a grain of salt it is worth facing it with a shot of optimism. The developed countries are making it easy for its youth to sharpen their skills and get to the other side of the road, whereas the underdeveloped nations have to walk the extra mile to make education convenient to its youth. There are many tangible solutions that could be followed to eradicate these challenges. One among them would be to adopt technology in education. Yes, the eLearning saga. E-learning helps to cut down all the above-mentioned pangs of discomfort to a great extent. Qafie LMS, a product of Qafie, has come up with a low-cost e-learning software that helps in evoking the spectrum of education in the underdeveloped countries.

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