Characteristics Of A Modern Learner

Characteristics Of A Modern Learner
Want to find an answer to a problem? Google it. Want to know more about something? Google it. Yes, Google is the new encyclopedia with answers to each and every question that ever could be answered. The present generation does not limit themselves to textbooks and notes, they sometimes dig for more to understand things better and one of the most used mediums for knowledge is 'Google'. According to a recent data, 80% of the learners refer to 'Google' for getting their queries solved.
'A modern learner' – this is what the contemporary era refers them, has mastered the knack of deriving knowledge from the most convenient resources. Anxiousness, inquisitiveness, learning at their own pace – are some of the characteristics that seal the identity of a modern learner. These qualities have been greatly influenced by the change that technology has brought in this world. Moreover, the variety of devices and content also contributes in shaping the modern learner's characteristics.
There is a very famous saying which goes as follows 'what we learn with pleasure, we never forget'. Learning should never be constrained instead, it should come from within which makes the process of online learning fun.  Let us see what are the qualities that a contemporary learner possess in the 21st century.
Essence of a modern learner
1. Convenience is what the learners are relying on
Today everyone opts for things that are convenient for them in terms of money, time and usage. A learner too finds convenience in getting themselves the desired information. Mobile phones are the most convenient device to learn things. With billions of people carrying a mobile phone, it becomes easy to target this device for spreading knowledge.  As the name suggests, a mobile phone can be carried anywhere and can be accessed anytime. It is believed that a human being touches his phone almost 200 times in a day and this shows the mobility that the learners are gaining from this device.
2. Cannot wait for more than a few seconds
A modern learner understands and initiates the value of time. They give the content a few seconds before it makes an impact in the mind of the learner. The worldwide platter has a variety of cuisines all spread out to be served but a learner chooses the tastiest of them that fulfills their appetite. They are anxious to get the information through contents that they find attractive and this has lead to a variety of interesting contents on the web.
3. The Enthusiasm to learn
The enthusiasm to know more is what encourages the students to learn even in their spare time. To make the students avail the internet for learning purpose there are many eLearning websites with a myriad of content all designed to attract the attention as well as giving out relevant information. Each and every learner gets the content according to their needs and preferences making learning a fun filled process.
Modern learners have stopped restricting themselves with time frames and opportunities to get to the core of the matter. The world of technology has made the users adapted to the changing technology that has indirectly shaped the attributes of the enthusiastic learners. 
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