7 Primary Reasons why LMS Tools are seeing a Sharp Rise in Popularity and Use

7 Primary Reasons why LMS Tools are seeing a Sharp Rise in Popularity and Use

Whether you're planning to develop an online training program for your employees or building an e-learning module for your students, you probably would have come across the term – LMS.

An LMS (Learning Management System) is at the core of all eLearning programs. It’s a robust piece of software, which makes it easy to develop, deliver, and track online courses and training programs. Ever since its introduction in the software market, the LMS has been steadily growing in popularity. Today, numerous organizations across the world use an LMS to manage all their eLearning activities.

If you’re still undecided, if your organization should invest in an LMS like the Qafie LMS, here are just a few of the top reasons why it has emerged as the go-to-tool for e-learning environments.

#1: Saves Time and Resources
The number one reason why most businesses invest in an online learning management system is that it saves time and effort. By using LMS, organizations, and educational institutions can save hundreds of business hours. It quickens the time taken to create an online module while reducing the cost of training.
Online training programs and courses make it possible for learners from across different geographical locations to access the course material from anywhere and at any time. It eliminates the need to hire several trainers/instructors. The best part – eLearning programs can be reused again and again, and updated to suit new groups of learners.

#2: Cost Efficiency
A few years ago, when an organization purchased an LMS, they had to spend on – infrastructure for hosting the LMS, maintenance costs, and more.
Today, the best learning management systems like the Qafie LMS are cloud-based, meaning you don't have to spend on updating infrastructure and other hardware. All an educational institution or a business has to do is pay the monthly or annual fee, and all maintenance and hosting costs are covered, thereby making it highly cost-efficient.

#3: Ease of Use
Most software systems come with a steep learning curve that makes it difficult for the end-user to get acquainted with its features. On the contrary, most LMS programs are extremely user-friendly and come with a seamless, intuitive UI. Irrespective of the technical capabilities of the user, anyone can learn how to use it within a day or two.
The user-friendliness of LMS tools makes it easy for both students and instructors to get on-board quickly.

#4: Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility
It is another huge perk of LMS tools – it's cloud-based and mobile-friendly. Students, employees, and course moderators can access the program anytime and from anywhere and across devices – desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
Since students and employees can access the course material anytime, they can better plan their study based on their individual learning preferences.

#5: Scalability and Flexibility
An LMS is a highly versatile tool. It can accommodate any number of students and any number of courses. It is a significant perk for businesses and educational institutions that are looking to grow. For instance, initially, you may have uploaded just a couple of training courses and associated material. As the needs of your organization grow, you can increase the course material anytime, without having to make any major changes to the tool.
Once training is complete, it’s also possible to reduce the number of users who have access to the tool, thereby helping to cut business costs.

#6: Centralized Pool of Information
An LMS acts as a centralized database of all educational data. You can store course materials, training programs, quizzes, assessments, worksheets, and more in a single location that students/employees can access anytime and from anywhere.
It reduces the administrative hassles of maintaining multiple copies of course material for different batches of students. It also makes it easy for individual learners to reference copies of old course material, as and when needed.

#7: Ample Room for Customization
In a traditional classroom set-up, providing customized attention to each learner is not always possible. Online learning management system software overcomes this hurdle by providing a student-centric approach.
The software offers multiple ways for learners to learn at their own pace. It also provides different methods like text, images, videos, infographics, to deliver the same information to suit the learning styles of each employee or student.
Modern LMS tools offer improved pedagogical techniques like – gamification of learning, bite-sized resources, and more. LMS offers program creators the flexibility to choose any learning methodology based on the requirements of your students/employees.
LMS Adoption is on a Rapid Rise

With more and more organizations and educational institutions shifting to eLearning, LMS adoption is on a steady increase. Rapid development in mobile technology, internet penetration, and preference for customized learning are other reasons that contribute to this trend.
If you’re looking for the best LMS tool that offers all these benefits and more, check out the features of Qafie LMS. If interested, ping our team for a free demo of Qafie to understand its beneficial features in no time.

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