How beautifully the LMS has been designed? What are the advanced features that it holds? How many different types of reports can it generate? Well, these are a few inevitable questions that we usually get it defined, to measure the efficiency of a 'Learning Management System'. Apart from the smooth implementation process, a multitude of reports and various interesting features, you also need to give equal importance to the user experience.

What is a user experience? It could be very well defined as the level of convenience that a learning management system emotes to all its users when it comes to understanding the system. From winning the trust of all its users to being easily adapted by the system, user experience has all the right reasons to play an important role in the success of an LMS.

5 Reasons why user experience is important in an LMS :

An optimal user experience often manages to pull in the maximum number of users. Do you want your current users to stay and significantly make space for some more users? Then its time to concentrate on improving the user experience of your LMS. Well, here are five important points that justify the importance of user experience in a learning management system. Read on to find out about them.

1. It considerably saves time and energy :

When the navigations, instructions, designs and its ability to adapt to the changing online requirements are all clear, it considerably helps the user in saving their time and energy to understand the LMS. In a learning management system, the term user experience can be very well defined from both - the admin's point of view as well from the learner's point of view. When the admin is very well aware of how the LMS works, their overall work becomes easy. Similarly, when learners are familiar with the usability, they will be enjoying their learning sessions.

2. It helps in holding the user's attention :

A learning management system that is intuitive and easy to be figured out manages to make a lasting impression on the users. Apart from the features and designs, it is often the way in which the entire learning management system is made clear, will help in holding the user's attention. A user experience has a lot many things to be taken into consideration wherein a well-defined appearance, buttons, navigations and many such attributes play an important role in providing a great user experience.

3. It makes the learning sessions engaging :

Until and unless the learning sessions are engaging, a learner will not be interested in completing the sessions. Moreover, when an LMS very well abides by the company's understood it helps in faster and better learning. A good user experience is one of the important factors that contribute towards investing in a critically acclaimed LMS.

4. It affects the user satisfaction :

How do you feel when you are totally lost and finding it difficult to trace your way back? Quite frustrated and irritated isn't it? When an LMS has uncomplicated navigation, structure or content, the user tends to get frustrated over a period of time. They would slowly and gradually start losing their interest in the learning management system. On the contrary, when your LMS has a clear, concise and useful experience, you are sure to earn many satisfied users. Hence a good user experience gives you many satisfied users.

5. It increases the credibility :

When your LMS has a well-defined structure as well as content, you not only make it convenient for the users but also increase the credibility of your organization. The credibility of your learning management system is often affected by confused or anxious users. Hence, when you have a simple and easy to understand user-interface, you not only get to define the credibility of your learning management system but also your organization.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are some of the basic reasons that exemplify the importance of a great user experience. On a fnal note, a well defined user interface can be beautifully described as the fuel that powers the popularity of a learning management system.

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