Understanding the worth of LTI - Learning Tool Interoperability in an LMS

Understanding the worth of LTI - Learning Tool Interoperability in an LMS

Change in technology is a perennial process that will keep on updating for years to come. Let us talk about one such technical innovations, where the entire credit goes to IMS Global Learning Consortium. A company that believes in shaping up the Edtech industry with much fanfare, created the concept of Learning Tool Interoperability, gracefully acronymed as 'LTI'.

What exactly is an LTI?
LTI is a standard designed by IMS to expand the world of digital learning. Here we have the 'Tools' and the 'Tool consumers'. 'Tools' are all the third party features whereas the 'tool consumers' are the different LMS's on the online platter. LTI sees to it that there is no hindrance when it comes to connecting these two important dimensions of the technical world. LTI can be considered as a glorifying revolution that has managed to make the combo - education and technology worth the efforts. A bridge that connects educational resources and contents to the various learning platforms is what LTI is all about. This quality of integrating instills a sense of dynamism into the digital world of learning. Be it any LMS, it very well dilutes itself in providing services to its users. LTI standards imply that they will play the same set of games irrespective of the medium on which it is being displayed. Let us have a look at some of the benefits that LTI brings into the world of technology.

The benefits of using LTI

1. It becomes easy to manage any additional tool for enhancing the education imparting process. You get to plunge into a variety of options that makes learning even more interesting and informative with a myriad of tools and content.

2. It is economically benefitting as you do not have to invest in creating altogether a new platform costing you a lump sum of amount.

3. You get to see an easy to understand and quick to use results that are sure to rake in the desired results. It encourages an effortless way of using the learning applications without having to exit from your original Learning Management System.

4. It brings about a uniformity in every application interface, reducing the need to create customized integrations, saving up on a lot of time as well as energy.

Final Note
Learning management system is a one-stop destination for bringing in something more to the digital learning platform. When you have the power to integrate all possible forces without having to disturb the usual pattern, LTI is the best possible method. With LTI you can very well double up the power of your Learning Management System that promises to bring in an air of sufficiency. Hence, it can be concluded that LTI helps in bridging the gap that leads you to explore new horizons in the world of technology with much ease and tranquility.

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